Yes, all these facilities are available at Mishka IVF center as it is a multi specialty NABH & NABL accreditated hospital.

About 25-30 patients can be seated in the waiting area.

Credit card, debit card is accepted at the clinic.

Minimum of two clinic visits are compulsory for a couple. First, one will be counseling of the patients, factors of infertility, semen analysis, blood tests, and treatment cost, etc. The second visit will involve sonography and blood tests during the process of IVF, collect ovum, transfer of the embryo, consultation after the embryo has been transferred. Some patients also go for frozen embryo transfer where the third visit is necessary.

With the help of proper advice from the doctors and experts, a woman of 24 years of age can also choose IVF.

It is recommended by the experts and IVF Specialists that a patient should wait for 6 weeks after a failed IVF process.

A patient is advised to take a pregnancy test after two weeks of IVF process that is because the fertilized egg takes time to sink in the uterus and then it will generate the pregnancy hormones which are identified by a pregnancy test.

Yes, you need to take an appointment before visiting the clinic.

Yes, the clinic is wheel chair accessible.

Consultation fees is Rs 600/- for follow up and duration depends on the doctor.

With modern techniques, everything is possible. For gay couples, if both partners agree, the sperm of two together is fertilized with the donor’s egg. Later, the embryo is transferred in the womb of the woman who will be the surrogate and she will conceive. Moreover, for single and lesbians, the donor’s sperm is fertilized with the eggs, and the embryo will be transferred inside the uterus to become pregnant.

Semen analysis, other than blood tests, is the most important test for checking a mans infertility problems.

The common factors after the egg retrieval are light spotting or camping due to needles that punch the vaginal lining.

No, the patient going for an embryo transfer doesn’t feel any kind of pain.