G-Spot Amplification

G-spot amplification is a revolutionary method of augmenting a special spot that is responsible for giving complete orgasm to the female body. Magically improving the sensitivity, frequency and duration of orgasm through a safe,non invasive and painless treatment.

G-spot, also called the Grafenberg spot (for German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg), is the high sensual spot located just above urethra and 2.5 inches deep inside vagina.

Sometimes the spot merely stimulates or is non-approachable. In such cases G Spot amplification uses hyaluronic acid or collagen filler to augment the most sensual spot of women.

If you are looking for cosmetic surgery for augmenting G-spot, then consult with our cosmetic gynecologist Dr Ruchi Bhandari.

At Mishka IVF we provide G-spot amplification, using different non-surgical techniques that are cost-effective, reliable and safe.

Benefits of G Spot amplification

Better sensitivity

Better sensitivity

Increase frequency of orgasm

Increase frequency of orgasm

Maintain Longer duration of orgasm

Maintain Longer duration of orgasm

Improve female ejacualation

Improve female ejacualation

Cost of G Spot Amplification at Mishka

G Spot Amplification treatment cost inclusions:

Our prices will include:

Free consultation throughout the process.
The surgery will be done at our well equipped hospital located in the heart of the city.
24/7 on call assistance.
Female Gynecologist and female staff.
Same day discharge.

Your procedure was carried out at India’s leading specialist cosmetic surgery centre of excellence.

Return home on the same day to recover in comfort in your own home. 24/7 on call nurse assistance.

G spot augmentation is an affordable procedure, contact us at +91 6378-288-606 to know the complete details about G spot enlargement surgery at Mishka

MS – Obstetrics & Gynaecology, MBBS

Dr. Ruchi Bhandari

Dr. Ruchi Bhandari is the Director & Owner of Mishka IVF Centre, Jaipur. She is an Infertility Specialist Trained from Chennai and an MS (OB/Gyn)(Gold medalist) from Pune, India. She is an active member of many international and national infertility societies. Being a fitness enthusiast herself, she has a special interest in treating PCOD, lifestyle disorders, hormonal imbalances & adolescent health issues. She has expertise in treating basic infertility with lifestyle & diet modifications. Advanced and complex infertile couples are treated with the best fertility solutions like IUI, IVF, IVF-ICSI, Laser hatching, Blastocyst transfer. She excels in Hysteroscopic and Laparoscopic surgeries of infertility. and also in Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery(FCGS) which is relatively new in India.


MBBS, MS(Obstetrics & Gynecology),
Fellow (Advanced Reproductive Technology),
Diploma in Ultrasound & Color Doppler in Infertility,
Masters In Cosmetic Gynecology (Germany)
Registration number: RMC 36015
Dr. Ruchi Bhandari

G-Spot Amplification At Mishka IVF Center In Jaipur

Total Surgery Time 15-25 Minutes
Anesthesia Local Anesthesia
fillers and acid only FDA approved
Flyback 12 Days
Success rate Very High